Naturopath Sydney CBD

Joanne Kennedy is a degree qualified Sydney Naturopath and Specialist in MTHFR and methylation practicing in the Sydney CBD and Rozelle.

Prior to establishing her own practice, Jo worked at MTHFR Support Australia as a Naturopath specialising in treating patients with the MTHFR gene mutation and methylation issues.

With her knowledge of methylation and biochemical pathways, Jo has helped hundreds of patients with chronic health issues finally heal.  You can read about these success stories on Google Reviews.

Joanne also specialises in digestion & gut health, histamine intolerance, mental health, women’s hormones and skin conditions.

Joanne’s approach is to identify the root cause of illness. This is done by the use of functional pathology testing, assessing the biochemical individuality of each patient, assessing environmental exposures as well as individual genetic testing if required.

Treatment includes the use of evidenced based natural medicine including diet, supplements and herbal medicine.